The Happy Planner Fitness Planner | Food, Exercise log & Added Inspirational Elements

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Today we're sharing a couple of pages from the Fitness Planner of mambi Design Team member April Orr showcasing how she filled out the food and exercise log for the week, along with some added punched elements to inspire her fitness journey.

About these pages, April writes:

"Here is a weekly layout with added fun layers of inspiration: a photo, a quote, and recipes to try. I have been much more successful in trying new recipes when they are accessible. I have loved being able to easily add them in my Happy Planner™ as I look at past week's meal plans and plan the week ahead."

April used the products from her Fitness Planner BOX KIT for this project, but yesterday we shared some info on our new Fitness Planner Extension Pack that's going to be available on the mambi online shop January 1st @ 12pm PST. In includes a weekly food & exercise spread just like April used here, with added improvements like fill-in bubbles for your water count.

We hope you were able to catch me & my BIG ideas owner Stephanie Fleming on Periscope yesterday flipping through the new Fitness Planner products. You can still view the replay for a few more hours HERE. She also shared the first handmade fitness log she created a few years ago (see a peek of it on her Instagram) and it was so awesome! Follow us on Periscope @meandmybigideas for future updates and product flip throughs.

You can also catch us living creatively everyday on Instagram at @meandmybigideas + @the_happy_planner!

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  • Monica

    Please make a food journal. We need one please.

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