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DIY Custom Covers for your Happy Planner™. YEP. We went there. With our new faux laminating (a.k.a. 'no heat necessary') cover pack from The Happy Planner™, you can create your own DIY planner cover designs and then secure them in between a pre-punched plastic cover pouch!

Today we're sharing how three of our Design Team members used the create your own Happy Planner covers. Nicole Patterson (@sdabplans) created a 'Fall into Christmas' collage cover for the CLASSIC Happy Planner™, while Sheena MacComiskey (@planwithus_mommyandme) customized hers with a family photo and used it as a dashboard for her BIG Happy Planner™. Lastly, mambi Design Team member Jen Randall (@sadieinspired) created a personalized planner cover from one of her mixed media art pieces.

Christmas Paper Collage Custom Cover for the CLASSIC Happy Planner™ by Nicole Patterson

About this project, Nicole writes:

"The holidays are such a busy time for everyone. Not only am I responsible for hosting the holidays, but I'm also responsible for the decor . Along with my home, as a party stylist, I decorate clients homes also. 

I like to keep all of my ideas for the holidays corralled into one place. This year I decided to make a custom holiday planner for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hence the term 'Fall Into Christmas'. For the cover, I decided to use the Christmas mambiSHEETS because the  colors are so beautiful in this pack and coordinate perfectly with my 'Rustic Glam' Christmas theme! I cut Christmas trees from this paper pack as well. I also used some alpha stickers and SOFT SPOKEN™ stickers. 

This would be a perfect project for a Christmas craft party!" 

Family Photo Custom Dashboard in the BIG Happy Planner™ by Sheena MacComiskey

About this project, Sheena writes:

"I've been fond of scrapbooking ever since my daughter was born. When me & my BIG ideas released their new DIY Laminated Covers I instantly knew I wanted to use them for large photos and scrapbooking in my memory planner.

I created this Christmas themed cover/dashboard using paper from the new me & my BIG ideas 12 x 12 mambiSHEETS Christmas paper pad that I found at Michael's. Here was my process...

1) I trimmed down 2 different cardstock papers to size. One for the front and one for the inside front. I also trimmed down some plain cardstock to act as a border around my photo.

2) I adhered our old family Christmas photo using some mambi washi and glue.

3) Following the directions that came with the DIY Laminated Covers pack, you want to insert your customized cover.

4) You can stop here or add more jazz to your cover by adding embellishments on top of the cover.

I used different Christmas-themed mambi SOFT SPOKEN™ stickers to jazz it up and make my cover come to life! I love the 3D effect it gives and how it ties everything together! 

This can easily act as a dashboard to your BIG size Happy Planner™ as I like to use mine, or as a personalized cover on the front of a CLASSIC-sized Happy Planner™. I really enjoyed putting this together and adding different elements to make it unique and work for my style."


Personalized Artwork Custom Cover for the CLASSIC Happy Planner™ by Jen Randall

About this project, Jen writes:

"Planner Babes everywhere LOVE adding their own personal touch to their planners, right!? So, when the DIY Laminated Covers hit the scene, I couldn't wait to give them a try. My other love is mixed media and painting, so I thought it would be SO fun to create my own cover. I love how it turned out and I can't wait to create more.

The process was super easy too. I measured a piece of card to the size of the cover. (TIP:  leave a small edge around the whole page so the laminated cover can adhere to itself really well.) I created my artwork using gesso, acrylic paint, black ink and a white pen. After it dried, I found the perfect black clear sticker to add to the bottom right corner. There were SO many different stickers the mambi carries that work PERFECTLY for a project like this! I attached my page to another piece of card stock because I knew I was going to add a jumbo sticker to the back as well. This extra piece of card stock added some stability to my page too. Then all I did was follow the directions on the package to complete my personalized cover. There are SO many possibilities!"


What are your planner cover ideas? Be sure to share your designs with us @the_happy_planner so we can be inspired!


  • Kaity Hitt

    Will these be brought back? I would love to change out my covers with each holiday!

  • Jen

    Would love to be able to make my own covers – can find the to buy anywhere. Where can I buy the faux laminating sets?

  • Kerri

    Would love to be able to make custom covers for the big teacher happy planners!

  • Kathy Benitez

    I would LOVE Ari create a custom cover for BIG planner size. Are they available for purchase?

  • Vanessa Ames

    Wonderful creative idea! Thanks!

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