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Happy December! Today we're sharing how our Design Team members Megan McKenna and Casie Gutierrez customized their Happy Planners™ into Christmas Planners where they can plan & prepare for their holiday festivities. 

Megan's Christmas Planner

About these pages, Megan writes:

"This time of year could be the BEST, or the most stressful time of the year. It all depends on how organized you are. This Christmas planner will help you get inspired to stay on top of your lists and tasks during the holidays. That way -- you're stress-free and can enjoy family time because isn't that what the holidays are all about?

I used a divider from the Gold Foil Dividers pack to make somewhat of a cover. I added stickers from the Uppercase Jewel Tones alphabet pack to add the title. The snowflake banner is cut from a 12 X 12 paper from one of two new Christmas paper pads found at Michael's Stores. 

The Pocket Folder I included is probably the greatest thing. You can use this to keep all of your receipts from gifts you bought all in one place incase you have to do some returning. The back side can be used to keep all of your store coupons handy when your out and about. No more rummaging through your wallet or purse at the check out to find that 50% off coupon you saved!

All of the pages I created for this Christmas Planner are part of the Note & Graph Paper pack! I created five pages that will help you get organized during the season. The 25 Days of Christmas page is so you can write down The Bucket List of holiday activities you want to do with your family & friends such as 'look at Christmas lights' or 'make a gingerbread house.' The 'Dear Friends & Family' page is for writting down all the people you want to send Christmas cards to and to keep track of when you send them out. The next page is for keeping everyone's addresses handy of the ones recieving a card. The 'Don't Open Till Christmas' page is where you will make your shopping list.

Last but most certainly not least, the 'On My List' page. This section is all about YOU! Friends & family may come first but we can't forget ourselves. Maybe there are a few things you have your eye on as your marching through the stores. Keep track of ideas that you would want to recieve for Christmas in case a loved one asks for your special list. 

I also added some red & green 'To Do' sheets from the Home Planner pack, incase I need to write down any last minute lists - whether it be for grocery shopping or things you need to do before that big party your hosting!" 

Casie's Christmas Planner:

About these pages, Casie writes:

"I love all things Christmas, and this year - to keep myself organized - I created a Christmas planner inside of my Happy Planner™. First I used one of the big word stickers reading "Pure Magic" in red foil on the cover. Next, I created a gift tracker using the Notes & Graph Paper extension pack. On one side, I created a list of presents for my two boys and on the other side, I'll track gifts for everyone else along with the store where I bought it. 

I used the grocery list from the Home Planner extension pack and a graph-paper page to create a dinner and brunch menu with shopping list. December, bring it on!" 

BONUS: Click on the pages below to download & print these two 'GIFT LIST' printable pages - made the perfect size to fit in your Happy Planner™. This make Christmas planning a bit easier as you can use them to keep track of what you're going to gift to whom, where you need to go to get it, and check off  when you've bought it ($ column) and wrapped it (gift icon in the last column).








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  • Tammy

    The Christmas planner is one of my favorites, but I would be so SO HAPPY if it was in the big size!! Please make this happen for 2023!!!!!

  • Martha

    PLEASE make this for the big size planner

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