Transitioning From The CLASSIC Happy Planner™ to the BIG Happy Planner™

For the first six months of this year, mambi Design Team member Jen Randall has been diligently documenting life in her CLASSIC size Happy Planner™. Once July hit - Jen decided to transition her memory keeping into the new 8.5 x 11 inch BIG 'Stay Golden' Happy Planner™. 

About these pages, Jen writes:

"In July, I spent time transitioning my memory keeping from the CLASSIC size Happy Planner™ to the BIG Happy Planner™.  The funny thing is: I was a bit sentimental about it, and it took me a few weeks to jump in. I actually REALLY love the Classic for memory keeping, but my curiosity about trying out the larger size won out. Having more space to jot down stories, add personal ephemera, or leave as white space sounded heavenly."

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Jen continues:

"This is the first week in my new memory keeping BIG Happy Planner™. It just happened to be a vacation week too, which made things really fun. The BEST part of using this larger size was the giant map of San Francisco that I was able to stick right into the spread using the BIG punch. I also loved using the snap-in tabs to include one of our trolley tickets. The back is a perfect spot to add journaling."

Here is Jen's typical weekly process:

  1. Start the week by choosing some washi & laying it down. Cover the top of the left 'notes' column & add a fun sticker.
  2. Choose the pictures from the week you want to use, resize & print them.
  3. Lay out the pictures across the spread. Move around until you like their placement, then adhere them down.
  4. In the left 'notes' column, journal (bullet style) the items that have made you happy & grateful for the week.
  5. Add stickers & embellishments.
  6. Finish up any journalling.

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