Two Ways to Fill Out Happy Planner® Daily Sheets

The Happy Planner® Daily Pages are so helpful for busy days! Today we're sharing how mambi Design Team member Katie Barton (IG | blog) found two ways to use them to make sure she's getting the most out of the day in the hopes that it will inspire you to get even more functionality out of your Happy Planner®!

Here are the two ways Katie has filled out her daily sheets:

1. At Work With Stickers

"I had a few meetings this day, and I wanted to make sure I got the most out of the time I was at my desk. 

I started by filling in my meetings with label stickers from the rainbow value pack. Since these things needed to be done at specific times, I used the stickers to draw attention to them. 

From there, I could see the blocks of time I would be at my desk, and I noted what I wanted to be working on during those blocks of time. These notes helped me know what to get started on as soon as I sat down, so I didn't waste time wondering what project to focus on. 

I divided the to-do list section on this page into two sections: Now and Later. Most of the 'Now' projects were listed in the morning. I used the 'Later' section for listing projects that popped up during the day. Whenever someone emailed or called with a new project, I listed it here so I could worry about it later without interrupting my work flow." 

2. At Home Without Stickers

"On the second daily page, I tracked the projects I wanted to accomplish during a weekend. I didn't have any scheduled plans, so I used large marker letters to note what I wanted to be doing during general blocks of time. 

The focus of this page was the to-do list. I used markers to color in the checklist circles to divide my list into categories, and I labeled the categories to the side so I knew where on the list each task needed to be. I loved having my list divided like this, because it made it easy to see what I should work on next without searching through a long list."  

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