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Lots of us here at me & my BIG ideas are in 'spring cleaning' mode, and with that comes new storage concepts -- especially for our tons of planner and crafting supplies. Today we have mambi Design Team member Mary-Ann Maldonado (blog | IG) giving us the run down of the different ways she keeps her Happy Planner™ products organized.

"Good Morning! Mary-Ann here! Let's be realistic for a second.  If you are a devoted planner, you have way to much stuff (according to others.)  Stickers, sticky notes, embellishments, papers, washi, too much of everything for it to all fit in your planner!  Today I am going to share with you, a peek inside my space and my way of storing all of my planner items.

I have two vintage locker baskets that I use and one to store my Happy Planners™.  The other holds most of the smaller items - items that are not always in your planner but you may want to add each week.  Things like clips, sticky notes, dashboards, pen holders, list papers.  

I have almost every set Happy Planner™ discs there are.  My style of planning is too bulky for the mini discs, so I use those to help me organize.  You can see above that I keep all my Decorative Covers together. 

I also keep all of my Note & Graph papers on mini discs, my Pocket Folders together with the medium discs. It is important to me, that I know what things are called and what came with what. I use The Happy Planner™ Punch to attach the trimmed down packaging too. 

Until I need a Dashboard, they help keep my sticky notes all in one place.  I have also used the back of the packaging to help with stability when clipping things together.  I believe I used a piece of that cardboard behind the Notes & Graph papers. 

Below is how all of the loose things come together by using random discs. 

For my loose discs, I keep like items together with large rings.  I contain them all in this super cool cookie can my friend from the Netherlands gave me.

I keep all my small goodies, like the magnetic clips, in another can.  I have already used the pen holders, and stuck them to the top of my can to reuse them.

For my Happy Planner™ Pocket Cards I used the binder clips to keep them together.  Some others are stored in an antique drawer, and are labeled by name.

I also store my beautiful collection of Happy Planner™ washi tape in one of the drawers.  I may need to devote another drawer to this really soon. 

Many planner addicts, scrapbookers, and crafty ladies have the Raskog cart from Ikea.  I found this vintage record cart and use it the same way.  It is perfect for my paper pads, tin storage, and grab-and-go type of stuff.  It's easy to pull this around my house, and wherever I want to plan, everything can go with me. NOTE: my dog, Flo, is never far behind. Haa haa!

I hope I have inspired you to get organized by sharing what works for me. I encourage you all to scout your house for pieces you can use for Happy Planner™ storage.  You may already own some items that you can use."  

How are you storing all your Happy Planner™ goodies?

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  • Theresa

    Thank you for all your suggestions. I plan on using some of your ideas; especially putting all my discs on rings. 😊 I never thought of that, Lol!! 🤪 I currently have each color disc in separate little baggies and by size. But your idea is much better for storage and accessibility; then I can hang the rings near the rest of my Happy Planner items. I do have one dilemma I hope you can help me with. I have dozens of sticker packs in different sizes for different things. But I don’t know where or how to store them. My hubby gets mad at me because I have plastic baskets filled with them EVERYWHERE! 🤪 You can pretty much say I’m addicted to stickers and a Stickeraholic to say the least; Lol! 🤣 Do you have any other suggestions for better storage and that won’t take up as much room? I really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance for any ideas. I look forward to hearing from you! 😉

  • Jan

    Thanks for all of your clever tricks, and usage pointers! I’m “late” in finding HappyPlanner, but have been “Planning,Happily” for most of my life. It makes life so much easier to manage. Thank you again!

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