Create 365™ The Happy Planner™ | Meal Planner Put To Good Use!

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Today we're sharing how mambi Design Team member Latrice Murphy puts the Meal Planner section of Create 365™ The Happy Planner™ Home Planner Expansion Pack to good use!


About these meal planner pages, Latrice writes:

"The Meal Planner section and To Do list section plays a HUGE role in my family's life.  With our crazy schedules, it's necessary for me to plan and work off of lists. Something about checking things off makes me feel more accomplished.  I jot down my grocery list while I look through my pinned recipes for clean-eating meals my family will love, and schedule the meals each week in my meal planner."

Latrice even separated her Happy Planner™ into two functioning planners: her Home Planner and her Business Planner. Her Home Planner is where Latrice has her To Do lists, meal planner, house cleaning schedule, and budget pages. Her Business Planner is where she tracks her business items whether it be a photoshoot, Design Team assignment, or when she needs to ship items sold in her shop.

Do you see yourself dividing your Happy Planner™ into more than one planner?

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  • Linda Hansen

    I am looking for undated horizontal format. I need all 7 days (not sat/sun combined) so the teacher does not work. I like the ones that have M-Th on left and F-S on right witht he extra 4th at the bottom. I can’t find undated.

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