Mini Happy Planner® Gratitude & Happiness Journal


We have a small - some might say "mini" - suggestion. How about using one of our MINI Happy Planners® as a daily gratitude/happiness journal? That's exactly what mambi Design Team member Heather Kell (IG | blog) has been doing in hers since she got it a couple of months ago, and today we're sharing her pages of filled up happiness! 

Mini Happy Planner with Writing in It

About these pages, Heather writes:

"I know I am not the only planner babe who went crazy and bought tons of mini Happy Planners®! They are so cute and perfect, you have to get them all! If you are anything like me, you have multiple minis and no idea how to use them all."

Mini Happy Planner Cover

Heather continues: 

"One day I was flipping through my collection of mambiSTICKS stickers and found this clear quote sticker that says 'there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.' The quote instantly inspired me, and I knew how I would use one of my minis!

I stuck the quote on the cover to remind me every day why I would use this planner. Then every single night, before I go to bed, I pull this planner out of my nightstand and I ask myself these two questions:

1) What is ONE thing from today that made me happy? 

2) What is one thing today that I am thankful for?

After reflecting on those questions, I journal my answer in this planner."

"This mini Happy Planner™ is now one of my favorite planners. In a world that is full of sadness, negativity, and unknown futures, it is so powerful to be present, in the moment, and to be happy every single day. I love ending my day in this way. It is so uplifting to end on a positive note." 

"This mini planner helps me to plan a happy life™ every single day. I'm excited about keeping up this daily activity in 2017 because it will help me to have the most positive year yet!"

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  • Sharon

    I love this idea.

  • Saneeha

    I recently bought one of these mini planners. They are sooooo helpful. Something new to work and focus on

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