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One of mambi Design Team member Marisa Yciano's (IG | blog) favorite things is her MINI Happy Planner® notebook. Marisa always seems to have a million things running through her mind each day (don't we all) so she decided to make a sectioned notebook to organize them, and today we're sharing how her pages are set up for April.

About these pages, Marisa writes:

"Lately, I have had ideas about a new room makeover, putting together a spring capsule wardrobe and new blog post ideas for the upcoming months. I tend to get very messy when writing things down, and when I look back at my notes I get overwhelmed. I decided to 'pretty up' the pages in my MINI Happy Planner® notebook to keep myself focused and clear." 

"I used some washi tape to add color to my pages and alphabet stickers from the Alphabet Value Pack Sticker Book to add titles to each page. I also love having the mini sticky notes so I can write down a quick thought if I need to. I love having a notebook in the mini size because it's so easy to take it with me!"

"I'm not a teacher but that doesn't stop me from using the teacher value pack sticker book! I love that it's full of color and super functional. I decided to only use the teacher sticker book this week in my on the go MINI Happy Planner®. I love having my planners full of color and this sticker book has all the colors! I'm obsessed. This sticker book has plenty of functional stickers like checklists, icon stickers, and reminder boxes. Some of the stickers don't fit perfectly but it's not a big deal if things are a little off. The one thing I like most about this sticker book are the awesome motivational stickers! Sometimes during the week we need a little motivation to get things done." 

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  • Sheila Page

    I am looking for alphabets / numbers stickers 4180.

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