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GOOD NEWS, everybody: a Wedding Planner Extension Pack to include into your existing Happy Planners™ will be made available just in time for the new year! Until then, however, we are inspiring you with today's project by mambi Design Team member Chantal Stevens to get started planning your wedding & documenting your inspirations using The Happy Planner™ products that are available now.   

About this project, Chantal writes:

"I was visiting the Big Island of Hawaii earlier this month to begin planning our wedding!  The wedding is tentatively planned for the Fall of 2016. I am using The Happy Planner™ as an inspiration 'look book' and memory planner to enjoy the process and remember all of the fun that goes into planning this special day.  As a former wedding planner, I know how stressful planning an event this large can be and I want to be sure that I take the time to enjoy, capture, and journal the process (aside from the contracts and spreadsheets that must be done to organize a large event.  Those go in a binder as they are not as fun or creative)." 

Chantal continues:

"The cover of my wedding planner was made using the Decorative Planner Covers pack and a combination of stickers from the 'Our Big Day' gold foil sticker pad to decorate the heart on the front and give it a title.  As of right now, I plan to use the weekly pages for memory keeping and journaling and the monthly layouts for scheduling meetings, venue tours, deadlines and due dates. I use the grid sheets to create inspiration boards and the lined note sheets to make notes about guest lists and venue tours." 

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  • Shannon

    I would love to get this as an engagement gift for my niece. Are you going to be doing a planner again or just extension sets?

  • Love Untalan

    Hi the happy planner! I just wanna ask if this wedding planner of yours from 2016 is still available? I love it and i wanna buy it. Thanks

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