We’re making our way through 2022 and are here to check-in! Our Squad is giving an update on their goal progress and the tools they’ve been using to help track their journey.



In 2022, my goals are to add to my Emergency Fund, and save enough so that I am at least one month ahead on all bills. I used the Know Your Worth Budget Classic Planner Companion and MAMBI sticks to create a tracker in my budget planner. Seeing each hexagon filled in helps me to see progress made on my goals!




I had such high hopes for January and my step count challenge. Illness has knocked me so I have not been able to keep up with the step challenge. But I was reminded that my ultimate, long-term goal was not a one month challenge, but to move more!

I converted an ingredient shopping list from the fall collection’s meal planning line, into a new challenge: 10 days of 5,000 steps in January. This update is both achievable and a challenge in my current condition, and will help me focus on my long-term goal of turning walking into a habit.



Get back on TRACK! Sometimes it can be easy to sway away from the path that you imagine yourself going down, whether it is a major life impacting event or simply the feeling of being overwhelmed. Do not worry, your goals and action plan can be adjusted and tailored to what works best for YOU. 

Following the 5 key points listed below will assist you with accomplishing your goal(s).

  2. Evaluate the barrier to your goal
  3. Organize 
  4. Prioritize 
  5. Be productive 

Tip: If you find yourself overwhelmed by attempting to complete more than one goal at a time, use this method to concur one goal before moving to the next. Remember to keep your goals realistic and specific to achieve them in a timely manner. 

I used The Happy Planner filler paper, Color Story Mini Value Pack Sticker Book, Align Value Pack Sticker Book, and Girl with Goals Value Pack Sticker Book.




I’m super proud to report that I have stuck to my goals. I’ve been making time to reflect on my day and then putting those thoughts in writing. It has been helpful having these inserts from the Let Your Heart Wander to jot down a few thoughts here and there and making sure to check off my progress. It’s been great to hold myself accountable through the use of my tracker page. I’ve also created a focus page for the front of my Wellness section to solidify my intentions for the month. 

Did I forget to mention this adorable page marker that I made to use not just to help save my space each week but it’s also a nice reminder of these goals that I’m trying to crush!



After the chaos of holidays, I couldn’t  wait to put away the presents, put away the decor and get my house back in order.

One goal I have this year is to keep my home organized and clutter free. So I decided to use some filler paper and the new Let’s Stay Home Value Pack Sticker Book from Happy Planner to create this winter cleaning/organization checklist.


No matter what your goals are for this new year, we hope you’re off to a good start! Don’t forget–it’s okay to pivot and make adjustments as long as you keep going. Any progress is good progress and we’re here to help! Be sure to follow us on social @the_happy_planner for more tips and tricks. 

Happy Planning!




  • The Happy Planner Team

    Hello Brenda! Our Squad member drew the hexagons on the filler page that can be found inside our Know Your Worth Budget Classic Planner Companion.

  • Brenda

    Hello, did you make up the hexagon page or does it come with the planner. I love the idea of it. It helps me visualize. I would like to get one. Thanks

  • Erin Buford

    Good ideas.

  • Christine M Nast

    I love your Budget stuff. I can’t wait to see what other ideas you come up with.


    These tips are so helpful and motivating! I am so happy to have found you all!

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