We’re a month into 2024! Time has flown. Once again, we’re here to see how you’re doing with the goals you set for yourself for the new year! Whether you’re right on track, trying to keep up with a busy schedule, or just need a little extra motivation... we want to give you a boost and a bit of encouragement. Plus, additional tools and suggestions to help you customize your planner and stay inspired! 


Maybe you had a great idea for what you wanted to accomplish in the new year. You even bought the perfect planner to do it! Now, whether you’re right on track and looking to take things to the next level or need some assistance in upping your motivation we have a simple suggestion: Create a vision board! A vision board (or dream board) is a great tool for manifesting and cementing your goals into a tangible reality. 

Apricot Dream Life Hack Be Happy Box

Fill your board with words, symbols, and images that inspire you and solidify your intentions. Grab one of our planner companions and get not only more add-ons to tackle your goals with, but a vision board that snaps right into your current plans! Our planner companions also offer a wide variety of planner accessories like high quality filler paper and envelopes giving you the opportunity to create your own custom planner.  If you’re looking for a complete package, our Apricot Dream and Bohemian Life Hack Be Happy Boxes include an undated planner, meal and fitness planner filler paper, high quality sticker books, and more tools to help you along your path.  


Sometimes, if you’ve gotten into a rut or need a fresh perspective, it’s ok to hit the reset button! If you’re feeling aimless and overwhelmed by all the possibilities, a guided journal is a great place to start. Reflect on your goals, get direction by putting pen to paper. Our Bold Ditsies Classic Guided Goals Journal is made specifically this very task! If you’re looking to improve your habits in one area specifically, our guided journals also come with mood, budget, fitness, and faith varieties!  

Guided Journals + Bullet Dot Grid Journals


Want a completely blank slate to just GO? Our Bullet Dot Grid Happy Journals offer maximum customization. They also work as a great alternative to our traditional planners using the same high quality paper and giving you the ability to personalize it using our sticker books. You never know, changing up your “normal” might just be the spark your need to hit the ground running!  

PRO TIP: Add one of our FREE Goal printables to your planner or notebook for some extra frugal function!  


Take a look at your surroundings and see if it’s somewhere that inspires you to plan! It might be a home office, your kitchen table, or your workspace. No matter what, it should be some place you feel comfortable and focused. Decluttering your desk could be a first step to clearing out the cobwebs in your brain.  

Planner Storage

Check out our line of products especially designed to make you a master organizer! Have writing utensils at the ready with a pencil pouch, organize your sticker books and any other loose ends with storage boxes, or make your command center mobile-ready with a sleek tote bag. If you’re a visual person and someone who likes to “put a pin in things” you might also find our cork boards and dry erase sets handy!  


There’s so many ways to stay on top of your new year’s resolutions. And if you’re struggling to keep up, you’re not alone. That’s why we love our planner community and all the support it offers. If you have any personal suggestions for achieving your 2024 goals or just know what works for you, share with us on socials @the_happy_planner! We’re excited to join you on your journey.  

Happy Planning! 

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