Undated Planner Set Up


Maybe you’ve only used one of our dated Happy Planners. But have you ever taken the plunge and used one of our versatile undated planners? Undated 12-month planners are a great way to pick up and plan whenever you need. Start planning anytime: these planners are available in our most popular layouts like our classic vertical layout, allowing you to customize them to suit your needs. You’re never locked in with an undated planner! We’ve previously talked about how the ultra-customizable nature of an undated planner is one of the best features. 

We’ve even shown you the best way to use our high quality stickers with your undated planner! The possibilities are endless. Now, we want to illustrate how easy it really is to customize an undated planner. If you’re someone who loves using our themed sticker packs, or our wide variety of planner accessories, this might be the best planning solution for you too!  

Step 1: Pick your theme! 

If you saw our latest Winter Collection, you’ll have seen the wide selection of undated planners at your disposal! The theme of your Happy Planner can either refer to your design aesthetic or the way you want to use it. If you’re planning on utilizing it as your day-to-day productivity planner, pick from any of our unique designs featuring florals, colorful patterns, and more!  

The great thing about undated planners is they have many of the same planner layouts you love from our dated varieties! Grab an undated planner with our NEW productivity layout and get your goals moving in the next year like never before. If your focus is more specific, select one of our budget, fitness, or wellness themed undated planners.  

Step 2: Date your planner.  

We don’t mean taking your planner to a nice steak dinner... grab a favorite themed sticker set or even your best writing utensil and get ready to date those pages! Use one of our sticker packs that’s aimed at anyone starting off with a blank slate like our Journaling – Value Pack Stickers. Add themed flair in each month with our Seasonal Whimsey – Value Pack Stickers. This is the time to make your planner completely your own!  

Since you’re starting from the ground up, it’s good to begin with our foundational sticker packs like our Planner Essentials – Mega Value Sticker Pack. Happy Planner specializes in disc bound planners, so you can also customize your look by swapping out discs which feature an array of colors. And if you’re someone who enjoys hand lettering, this is your time to shine! Label your months and days with calligraphy or keep it as simple as you like. This is the time to make your unique planner completely your own! Mix up the styles each month for a truly artistic experience.   

Step 3: Start setting your goals!

Get ready, get set, GOAL! Your undated planner is ready to help you start making those big plans and setting intentions for the next year. If you’ve chosen to focus on one specific area of your life like fitness, our Fitness All Stars – Value Pack Stickers will be your constant companion on your journey to a healthier you. Budget better with the Big Dollar Energy – Value Pack Stickers and boost your financial fitness in 2024.  

Create your most customized space for planning with an undated planner. Start planning today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow! Make it exactly what you need and how you need it. Stock up on the unique planner designs and themes you love and save them for later or utilize them for multiple purposes!  

If you’ve never used an undated planner before, we hope this has shown you how simple it can really be! Check out our curated collection and pick one that works for you. If you’re someone in our community that uses an undated planner and has some tips for a person just starting off, please let us know on socials at @the_happy_planner! 

Happy Planning!


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