April is Stress Awareness Month and with the chaos of everyday life, we sometimes neglect our own wellbeing. Journaling has been proven to be a successful method to release stress. However, we understand that sometimes it’s not easy to just start writing (this is where we come in). Our guided journals are the perfect place to begin. With different themes and guided prompts, our journals help you get started.

To help guide the way, our Squad is here to share how they stay consistent and use their journals to unwind.


By: Aya | @aya.plans

The Happy Planner Guided Journals give me time each morning and night to reflect on gratitude and take my mind off the things I’m stressed about.

I love that there is a page for weekly gratitude and reflections. Writing down affirmations and things I’m looking forward to at the beginning of the week helps me focus on staying positive and reminds me that I can conquer the week ahead!

What’s great about this gratitude guided journal is that it has sections for the morning and night for you to write about how you’re feeling. The prompts make it easy to journal each day and it doesn’t take too much time at all! I enjoy having prompts already on the pages to help guide my thoughts.

Of course, I have to decorate the pages with some stickers! Seeing inspirational quotes is such a mood-lifter during stressful times.

How to use Guided Journals : @aya.plans


By: Marielle | @create.plans

I've always enjoyed journaling and this new Mood Tracker Journal is AMAZING! (be sure to sign up to be notified when this Happy Classic Mood Tracker Journal is back in stock!)

It's important to be in touch with our feelings and, during times of uncertainty, it's good to have a safe space to write down our thoughts. And the best thing about this beautiful yellow journal is that it also prompts you to draw, which has always been such a good therapy for me, while giving you the space to customize it in a way that represents you.

On this weekly view page, I dug into the new Bold and Blush and Color Story sticker books to recreate this black and pink design while adding quotes that make me feel happy.


By: Amy Stone | @amyplansthings

Guided journals have been an important part of my overall health journey these last two years. Showing gratitude has been proven to release dopamine and serotonin in our brain, which boosts our mood and can help lessen anxiety and stress. Taking time each day to write and reflect has definitely helped to lower my anxiety!

The best tip I can provide is to put your journal in a place that you will use it daily. This could be on your kitchen counter for journaling in the morning, or on your bedside table for journaling before bed. And, of course, if decorating your journal helps you actually use it - decorate it to your heart’s content!

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By: Elisa | @scrappywifeblog

Guided journals have quickly become an essential part of my daily routine. When life begins to feel heavy and dark, the guided journals help me to focus on the positive, giving me a chance to write out gratitude and affirmations on a regular basis. My favorite guided journals leave plenty of room for me to write and express my creativity through color and stickers!

Each evening when I am ready to curl up in front of the TV, I bring a journal, some pens, and a sticker book with me as I de-stress from the day. It gives me a routine that I look forward to and helps me to unwind after a busy day. Plus, there is something so beautiful about being able to look back at past journals and reflect.


No matter what you do, we encourage you to take extra care and focus on finding ways to destress. This can mean taking walks, picking up a new hobby, or anything that allows time for you to take care of yourself. Get more tips and follow us on this self-care journey @the_happy_planner.

Happy Planning!


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