Do you love fall most of all? Autumn is definitely one of our favorite seasons! And it’s not just because of our amazing NEW Fall Collection (but that’s part of it for sure). You might be pulling your boots, umbrellas, and scarves out of the closet to prepare for the first chill in the air. Maybe you’re thinking of this year’s adorable jack-o-lantern design. 

We thought it would be the perfect time to share this year’s Fall Bucket List! It’s packed full of fun fall-themed festivities for you, the fam, or your friends! 

1. Apple cider tasting

Enjoy a favorite seasonal treat! There’s a slew of different apple cider recipes all claiming to be the BEST, but why not decide for yourself? Maybe even make a day of it! See if you’re near any apple orchards that offer cider samplings or host your own cider tasting party. Tell your attendees to bring their own recipe and swap tips and tricks for making this cozy fall beverage!

2. Nature scavenger hunt

Put together a list of autumn-themed items (acorns, different colored leaves, pinecone, scarecrow, spider web etc.) and get a team together for an adventure in the great outdoors! You can do this in your very own backyard or at a local park. Choose a scale that suits you and your team of explorers! 

3. Plant a fall garden

There’s a season for everything, like certain veggies and herbs that thrive in cooler weather! Some of these plants include: cabbage, kale, parsnips, and Brussels sprouts). Depending on the level of chill where you live, you may need to give some of these an indoor start before moving them outdoors.

4. Go on a hayride

A good-old-fashioned hayride is a seasonal staple. Grab the kiddos or besties and get yourselves to the closest hayride! Don’t forget to don your fall attire, grab your pumpkin spice lattés, and take plenty of photos to add to your Memory Keeping Photo Journal!   

5. Leaf pile jumping

Let loose and make use of that pile of leaves in the front yard... for a little leaf diving! Get the kiddos or just jump in yourself for a little “me” moment. Reconnect with your inner child and embrace the season!   

6. Create a fall playlist

Have some tunes that put you in the mood for sweater weather? Create a playlist to  listen to when you’re adding your fall home décor to your space, running errands, or taking a stroll to see your neighborhood’s seasonal decorations. Let the spirit surround you!   

7. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows

Harvest season brings just the right weather for evening activities. Not too hot and not too cold. Gather the gang and spend some phoneless time around the fire making s’mores and connecting with one another. Don’t forget the chocolate bars!

8. Watch an outdoor flick!  

Check out a local drive-in, a community event, or set up your own outdoor movie viewing. Invite friends over and bring your own snacks! Pick something thrilling or just right for the time of year.   

Hocus Pocus Be Happy Box

9. Do some backyard camping! 

Air out that tent, find your flashlights, and get the sleeping bags! Start a new fall tradition and plan a backyard campout. Gaze at the stars before you settle in for a night of nature sounds and outdoor adventures.   

10. Attend a fall festival.  

Check out your local city events and see if there’s a fall festival! Sample local fare, shop artisanal crafts, and connect with your community. Maybe even catch some live entertainment! 

Whatever you choose to do this fall, we hope you have a whole lot of fun doing it! If you try any of the ideas listed above, or you have more festivities to add, share with us on socials @the_happy_planner. Enjoy your autumn and... 

Happy planning! 


  • Carol Evans

    I have my vertical cat planner but I also like to use use a dashboard but I haven’t purchased that yet. Any suggestions?

  • Kelli

    This year, I made a "fall notebook " using the new pumpkin discs and in it, I use the pretty stickers from the Woodland collection to decorate the pages. I write in quotes, ideas like the ones above, information about fall, recipes and generally whatever I find.
    ‘Playing’ in this way is relaxing and reduces stress.

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